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Image Credit: Conor Horgan

Genevieve Howard is an award winning artist who graduated with a degree in Metals and Jewellery from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin in 2015. Coming from a musical family she has grown up singing, playing and writing music. Inspired by the possibility of seeing it in new ways, she developed the idea of jewellery that translates music into three dimensional and wearable form, in an innovative fusion of two very different art forms.  


Genevieve’s work is made using a combination of technology and traditional hand skills. She creates her own drawings and notations from the architecture of various musical scores which form a graphic counterpoint to each original musical design. As well as being visually striking, Genevieve’s work captures the essence of the music it was created from and inspired by in a new form. Her pieces are wearable and can also stand alone as sculptures in their own right. 

Genevieve is currently studying for a Masters in Fashion and Technology at the University of Art and Design in Linz in Austria. She is continuing to explore her work through the mediums of Fashion, technology, music and sculpture.  

Genevieve’s work has been exhibited internationally in major institutions. Her work resides in the public collections of The National Gallery of Victoria in Australia and The Dallas Museum of Art in Texas.

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