Paper Works - Studio Fusion Gallery, Oxo Towers, London

Pictured beside her work at the Studio Fusion Gallery for their Paper Works exhibition

Paper is fundamental to the way in which we communicate our thoughts, illustrations, music and histories. The Paper Works exhibition at Studio Fusion focuses on the way in which selected artists translate the inherent attributes and beauty of paper into wearable forms of jewellery and wall art.

On display will be unique laminated paper jewellery cleverly displayed in the books from which the paper came by Jeremy May; the delicately coloured and patterned laser cut 3 dimensional jewellery from Jocelyn He; the colourful, nature inspired pieces by Silina Pandelidou; and the innovative jewellery by Genevieve Howard that translates music into tactile wearable forms. Rachel Blair’s intricately patterned jewellery are created by binding hand dyed paper within silver; and wall pieces by Alan Craxford beautifully juxtapose light and shadow.

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