Crafted Visions - The Tension of Opposites, co - curated by Ivy Ross and Allison Barnett

Image: Symphonic Fusion (Neckpiece & Bracelet), created from the music of Mason Bates. Materials- Laser cut Japanese linen paper, fine silver and elastic cord. Image courtesy of Patina Gallery.

I have created a new body of work for an exhibition entitled Crafted Visions - the tension of opposites. The exhibition is co-curated by Ivy Ross, a widely collected jewellery maker and silicone valley executive.

This exhibition features contemporary jewellery which sits on the intersection of humanity and technology and takes inspiration from the Santa Fe Opera’s world premier of The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs, an opera about the father of the computer revolution.

The composer of the opera, Mason Bates, who was nominated for a grammy this year, has granted me exclusive access to use some of his musical score to create my work for this exciting exhibition. I have made a series of wearable pieces inspires by Bates' opera score. The exhibition will take place in Patina Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico from the 21st of July - 20th of August.

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